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The company is recognized in leading customer service rankings – a testament to our dedication and outstanding services.E&G Bulgaria’s organized and thought-out outsourcing structure, allows us to constantly meet and exceed targets with highly-optimized business processes.

The company specializes in the field of telemarketing and direct sales, where our expertise enables to swiftly identify a client’s needs, as well as to effectively resolve technical issues.



We take great pride in the innovative and dynamic practices we employ for our solutions to ensure unmatched levels of customer satisfaction, while creating highly-promising perspectives for our business and partners.


We reward our employees with highly-competitive remuneration, including commissions and performance-based bonuses, along with great prospects for career advancement, locally and abroad.


E&G Bulgaria’s sight is firmly set into the future, as we constantly try to improve our services – we feel this is the only way to grow successfully and maintain a leading position in the fast-paced world of financial services.

Enter the dynamic world of financial services with E&G Bulgaria
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